Native Eyewear Goggle Technology

Goggle Technology

Native Eyewear SnowTuned™

The Best Features on the Mountain SnowTuned™ lenses are optimized for the specific conditions created by snow and changing light.

Native Eyewear Proprietary Hard Coating

Vacuum-Bonded Scratch-Resistant Mirrors

Vacuum-bonded, scratch-resistant coatings and mirrors prolong the lifespan, performance, and clarity of the lens.

Native Eyewear Proprietary Hard Coating

Water/Grease Repellent

Moisture and oil repellent barriers prevent spots and make lenses easier to clean.

Native Eyewear Proprietary Hard Coating


Spectrum-sorting, color-enhancing optics reveal terrain and contrast for greater detail.

Native Eyewear Proprietary Hard Coating

Anti-Fog Coating

Ultra-anti-fog coating allows surface fog diffusion for up to 8 minutes under the most demanding conditions.

Every Light. Every Condition. Every Native SnowTuned™ lens is specifically formulated to reveal terrain and enhance detail.

Native Eyewear SnowTuned™ Lenses

Lenses That React as Fast as You Do. SNOWTUNED REACT™ Photochromic. Backcountry tested, athlete approved.

The SNOWTUNED REACT™ lens automatically changes its tint according to conditions and UV intensity. The more sun and UV rays, the darker the lens becomes.

Available on Coldfront, Tank-7, Tenmile, and Treeline OTG

VLT = Visible Light Transmitted

Face Forward.

Native Eyewear Goggles - Enhale Nasal Nest

Fluted Face Foam

Enhancing fit and preventing fog, the hypoallergenic triple-layer face foam is built with a cushioning layer for comfort, a mid-layer to seal air gaps around facial features, and a third felt-lined layer with vented ridges that allow a regulated exchange of air to equalize interior and exterior temperatures.

Native Eyewear Goggles - Enhale Nasal Nest

Enhale Nasal Nest

To compliment the Fluted Hypoallergenic Face Foam, we focused specifically on the area surrounding the nasal bridge, allowing a more comfortable perch for the goggle to rest on the face. The extra allowance ensures spacious breathing without a nasal pinch, and long-term comfort for all-day use under severe conditions.

Bio-Based Frame Material
Native Eyewear Goggles - Slidelock™ One-Click Lens Change
Native Eyewear Goggles - Switch™ Reversible Outrigger