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About TANK7

Inspired by the famous backcountry area at the southern point of Colorado’s Sawatch Range, the Tank-7 is all about an attitude of grit and precision. Despite its smaller fit, the Tank-7 offers a wide field-of-view with superior color and contrast enhancement. The Tank-7 offers additional versatile and safety features so you can have confidence and peace of mind out in the backcountry. The Switch Outrigger mechanism allows its user to effortlessly switch to the interior reflective strap side so your backcountry partners can spot you with their headlamp while skinning in the dark or in rescue situations.
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For Comfort & Protection Proper Fit is Essential A pair of goggles should fit snug to the face but feel comfortable.

  • Helmet Compatibility:

    All of our goggles are helmet-compatible, but it’s still a good idea to try them on with your helmet to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.
  • Strap Adjustments:

    Our goggles have a single sliding clip to make small adjustments and customize fit.
  • Face Foams:

    we use a triple-layer face foam to add comfort, seal air gaps and provide venting. Other goggles on the market may only use one or two layers of foam.