Stacy Bare NATIVE Ambassador

The NATIVE team consists of a wide range of talented individuals who embody our mantra of Roam Free to their core. Like us, they believe there are no limits to who you can be and no end to learning about the world around you.

Stacy Bare is an Army veteran of the Iraq war who now devotes his time giving back to those who served. He runs the project Adventure Not War, with a mission to get veterans to give back to the people in the places they served. Not only does he love skiing, but he now skis with a purpose—connecting veterans with the people they devoted their lives to help.

Stacy Bare NATIVE Ambassador


Brookings, SD

Current Location:

Current Location: Salt Lake City, UT

What are some of your favorite places?

The Wasatch // The Zagros Mountains // The Pamirs // My backyard

What’s your favorite jam?

Constantly shifting, but right now its “Ocean” by John Butler

I eat a lot of…


If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

Visit the Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan // Ski in Japan with my family // Show my wife and daughter Botswana

Fun fact about you?

My belly button got cut off when I was six.

Who sponsors you?

NATIVE, Combat Flip Flops, Faction Skis, Keen Shoes, The North Face

Stacy Bare NATIVE Ambassador

What branch did you serve in?


What’s your favorite Veterans organization?

Adventure Not War! But I love a lot of what is happening in the veteran community for people standing up to give back. Team Rubicon is outstanding utilizing veteran skills and experience to help out those in need after disasters and for families, Project Sanctuary can’t be beat!

What’s your favorite pair of NATIVE shades?

Flatirons—been rocking prescription lenses in FLATIRONS since 2017. I also wear the wood ELDO sunglasses a lot and those feel like nothing is even on my face—so, so good!

What’s your favorite part about being in the outdoors?

The connection to myself, to the planet, the location, and the day or night that I feel when I’m out there. As I’ve gotten older, had a kid, tried new things, the distance, location, and activity have and will keep changing—but the connection feels deeper most every time. It brings me peace and joy and a drive to do better and be better for the land and the people.

How do you inspire other Veterans to enjoy the outdoors?

I try to live a life I hope others can see themselves in. The outdoors allowed me to rewrite or add on to my own narrative and bring me healing. I want to model that for others. Adventure Not War, the research work I do, and figuring out how to fit in tiny adventures to massive expeditions out from the day to day to the once in a lifetime—and invite my friends out when I can.

Follow along with Stacy’s adventures on INSTAGRAM. (@stacyabare)

Stacy Bare NATIVE Ambassador

Stacy Bare NATIVE Ambassador

Stacy Bare NATIVE Ambassador