Lionel James NATIVE Ambassador

The NATIVE team consists of a wide range of talented individuals who embody our mantra of Roam Free to their core. Like us, they believe there are no limits to who you can be and no end to learning about the world around you.

Lionel James is a US Air Force veteran who now runs a fishing charter in the Destin area—Lion’s Tale Adventures. He also devotes his time to helping soldiers battle through PTSD through fishing with Soldiers on the Water, a yearly event where veterans can come and enjoy a day of fishing for free.

Lionel James NATIVE Ambassador


Anchorage, Alaska

Current Location:

Current Location: Destin, Florida

What are some of your favorite places?

Louisiana Marsh // Top Golf // All of Alaska

I eat a lot of…

Pizza in the winter, bananas, and avocados in the summer.

Fun fact about you?

Firefighter for 14 years (9 of those were Active Duty Air Force). Fought (MMA) professionally for 7 years.

Lionel James NATIVE Ambassador

What branch did you serve in?

Served in the US Air Force

What’s your favorite Veterans organization?

Soldiers on the Water is my favorite Veterans Organization. They help soldiers battle PTSD through fishing.

What’s your favorite pair of NATIVE shades?

Patroller or Haskill

How do you inspire other Veterans to enjoy the outdoors?

By participating in things like Soldiers on the Water, as well as being an inspiration for what life can be after the military.

Follow along with Lionel’s fishing adventures on INSTAGRAM. (@lionstaleadventures)

Lionel James NATIVE Ambassador

Lionel James NATIVE Ambassador