Native Lifetime Limited Warranty

All Native Eyewear sunglasses, ski goggles and lens replacement kits (“Products”) are covered by a lifetime limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship (“Manufacturer’s Defect”). If it is determined that your Product has a Manufacturer’s Defect within the first year of original purchase, we will replace or repair (at our option) that Product at no cost to you. All you do is provide us with proof of purchase and pay the cost of shipping it to us. Native Eyewear has sole discretion to determine Manufacturer’s Defects. Lost or stolen items are not covered.

After the first year and for the lifetime of your Product, the Warranty Processing Fees set forth below, plus any applicable taxes, will be charged.

Warranty Processing Fees:

Sunglasses: $30
Ski Goggles:
  • SnowTuned: $40
  • SnowTuned React: $70
Lens Replacement Kits: $30

Please download the Native Eyewear Lifetime Limited Warranty Insert for complete details.

Native Eyewear Repair Program

If at any time during the lifetime of your Product it is determined that a Product has a problem that is not a Manufacturer’s Defect (e.g., wear and tear, scratched lenses, accident, or any other problems determined not to be Manufacturer’s Defects covered by our Lifetime Limited Warranty), you may ship it to us at your cost and we will replace or repair subject to payment of the Repair Fees set forth below, plus any applicable taxes.

Sunglasses: $30
Ski Goggles:
  • SnowTuned: $40
  • SnowTuned React: $70
Lens Replacement Kits: $30

How long does the warranty claim or repair process take?

We will do our best to process your warranty claim or your repair within 7 business days. Please keep in mind that we may require additional processing time during peak season (June-September).

Native Eyewear

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