WEBSITE CHANGES is in the process of updating our website. Some features, such as online ordering, have been removed while we work on improvements.

– I want to purchase online. How can I do that?

  • We hope to offer online ordering again soon. In the meantime, you can check with these online partners to see what Native Eyewear products may be available.

– When will the updates to the site be finished?

  • We don’t have an exact timeline at this time. Please check back soon.

– I had an online account. What happened to my information?

  • Online account information is secure, but not accessible while we update the site. Once updates are complete, we hope to invite you back. If you have questions about previous purchases, please contact the Native Eyewear team at 1-888-77NATIVE.


– Our Roots

  • Since 1998, being NATIVE has been about staying connected to origins: geographically, genetically, by upbringing, or by finding our own way. It is this connection that defines us, regardless of other definitions, where we live or how we spend our time. We venture forward into the landscapes and frontiers of our lives holding a unique and chosen identity, discovering new currency of experience, and retrieving deeper resources of memory and exchange. We run deeper. We go higher. We last longer. We hold stronger. And we do so with clarity and purpose in remembering where we’ve all come from and charting new and enlightening paths to venture forward. No matter what happens, we’ve got your back.

– What We Stand For

  • We are alive in the outdoors. We are bonded to our active community. We are inclusive and welcoming of shared experience. We value access, stewardship, and earned accomplishment. However, we are not focused on medals, podiums, or stopwatches. Our gear is sturdy, highly capable, and cost-effective enough to be replaceable. We dignify our daily work and balance it with outdoor activity. We desire memorable and legendary experiences.          


– What’s the best way to clean my goggle lenses?

  • Never use solvent or glass cleaner to clean your goggle lenses. The chemicals can remove the various lens coatings that make native lenses perform so well in the snow.
  • When you have snow or moisture on your lenses always use the provided microfiber pouch. Since snow’s crystalline form can scratch goggle lenses, shake off as much snow as possible before wiping gently. Whenever possible allow the lenses to dry naturally.
  • We have taken extensive measures to keep fog from forming on your native goggle lenses. In the event that fog does form on the interior of your lens, use only the microfiber cloth provided with your goggles. If you can allow them to dry naturally, the safest way to ensure the clarity of your lens is to avoid touching the interior at all.
  • Use the goggle pouch provided when goggles are not in use.
  • When storing your native goggles, make sure they are not under stress. Storing under stress can cause the frame and foam to deform.

– What’s the best way to interchange my goggle lenses?

– How do I interchange my sunglass lenses?

– What is Prop 65?

  • Prop 65 was enacted by the state of California to inform consumers of chemical exposure. On May 11, 2015, Bisphenol A (BPA) was added to the list. When consumed, BPA can be harmful. While some of our products contain trace amounts of BPA, they are not intended for consumption and we’re confident in the safety of each and every pair of sunglasses and goggles. That said, we continue to look to castor-based resins and other alternatives to provide great solutions for our customers and we’re proud that 100% of our 2016 and 2017 sunglass and goggle lines are made from eco-friendly materials. For more information on Prop 65, please visit:


– How do I make a warranty claim?

  • To submit a warranty claim, you must submit a request for repair or replacement claim by visiting: Start A Claim

– Do I need a Proof of Purchase for Warranty?

  • A copy of your proof of purchase is required to be considered for manufacturer’s defect claims. You will be asked to upload a copy of your receipt when submitting a warranty claim.

– What will happen when I submit a claim?

  • Within five (5) days of submission of your request on the Site for Assistance Services, Luxottica will evaluate your request and advise if Luxottica finds that the damage is covered under this limited warranty. If it is determined that your Product has a Manufacturer’s Defect, we will replace that Product at no cost to you. Luxottica has sole discretion to determine Manufacturer’s Defects. Warranty claims are processed and replaced free of charge. All shipments for Services Covered by Warranty are free of charge.
  • If there is no Manufacturing Defect, this limited warranty does not apply and you will receive an e-mail or letter stating the cost for repairing or replacing the Product under Luxottica’s separate Services Not Covered Under Warranty, if any. You may decide at your discretion whether to accept the repair and relevant costs for any out-of-warranty damage, or to have the Product returned in the same condition as when you sent it to Luxottica.

– Reproduction of Customer Letters

  • Native Eyewear reserves the right to reproduce all or any portion of any customer letter and/or photograph received in connection with this warranty in its advertising or promotional materials without compensation to the customer. The submission of any letter and/or photograph along with a warranty claim will constitute a license permitting Native Eyewear use and reproduction of all or any portion of the customer letter and/or photograph in connection with its business.

– This warranty gives you specific legal right. You may have other rights that vary from state to state.

– This warranty is subject to change

  • We’ll keep the most up to date details available on our Warranty & Repair page.