Article by Native Eyewear Ambassador, Craig DeMartino 2.0. It’s been 17 years since my life was shattered into a million pieces waiting to be reassembled into what would become my “new normal.” You never think you will end up in that place, I certainly didn’t, but there I was. While I was climbing with a […]

A Native Eyewear Ambassador trip report. Photos by NATIVE Ambassador Colton Jacobs, and story written by NATIVE Friend Jason Fitzgibbon. Tucked away in a sparsely populated region of Northern California, at the northern terminus of the Sierra Nevada range lies a land of dense, rolling forests, deep canyons, cold clear streams, and jagged peaks that […]

Trip report by Native Ambassador Chad Otterstrom. Its been a long winter—I think I had 5 pow days in June easy. Anyways, I was planning on writing a story on a couple trips this Spring, but it kept snowing so instead of focusing on the stories I got up and rode every day. One of […]

Trip report by Native Eyewear Ambassador Savannah Golden. What do you think of when you hear the words “Desolation Wilderness”? DES•O•LATE: (of a place) deserted of people and in a state of dismal emptiness WIL•DER•NESS: And uncultivated, uninhabitable, and inhospitable region Even though the exact Latin meaning might make someone feel like it is a […]

Trip Report by Native Friend, Laura Friedland. The greatest joy of traveling by bicycle is the possibility. The possibility for anything to happen at any given time that could completely derail the plan for the day or transform the mundane into the magnificent. When seeing the world by bike, the possibilities increase tenfold. Flat tires, […]

Trip Report by Native Ambassador Abby Holcombe. The Magpie River is a remote section of river that twists and turns through the Northern Quebec wilderness and is full of big waves, holes, and outstanding waterfalls that we portage our kayaks and gear around. This river isn’t super popular and is floated by few since it […]

Trip Report by Native Ambassador, Dylan Brown. It’s not every day you get to pair two fundamentally different sports. But when you do, it’s worth sharing. This was the case on a recent trip I lead down the Dirty Devil River in southern Utah. The Dirty Devil River is known to have some of the […]

Trip Report by Native Ambassador/Sales Rep, George Terrizzi. A once in a lifetime trip comes along, well, once in a lifetime. I was fortunate to end up on just such a trip this past March. It all started back about a year ago when Tom, my boss and mentor, and I won a trip to […]

Trip Report by Native Ambassador Braeden Kopec. Hey Native world! My name is Braeden Kopec and I’m 12 years old. I live just north of the Flagler Beach Pier in Florida, but most days I get my mom to haul me down to my favorite surf spots of Ponce Inlet and New Smyrna. I live […]