Maine’s 100-Mile Wilderness is northernmost portion of the Appalachian Trail and often considered one of the most rugged and remote regions along the hike. The vast area is home to hundreds of ponds, lakes, and mountain views to enjoy. You could spend a lifetime exploring it and probably never experience everything there is to see, […]

The high plains of Eastern Colorado might not offer much in the way of watering holes, but head toward the mountains and suddenly you’ll find that there’s plenty of lakes, rivers, and streams where you can take a dip. The northern half of the state is a kayaker’s dream, offering incredible waterways alongside some of […]

Arkansas might primarily be known as a trout fishing hotspot, but in recent years it’s been steadily building a remarkable reputation among cyclists. From paved street racing to backcountry mountain trails, there’s two-wheeled adventure around every corner of this state. Check out these incredible biking trails to see why Arkansas is a premier outdoor destination. […]

Unless you’ve spent a lot of time there, you might be under the impression that Oregon is a rainy tundra full of hipsters. To be honest, that’s sort of true. But this western state has a hidden gem lying in the southern region, where you’ll find a beautiful high desert chock full of incredible wildlife […]

America’s Four Corners region—the meeting point of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah—contains some of the most exciting hikes in the country. The desert climate and sweeping mountains make for some incredible views. The region also offers its fair share of challenges for those with a little more experience under their belts. Mesa Verde National […]

Kayaking in California is an experience like no other. Between the beautiful shorelines, glistening alpine lakes, and incredible whitewater rivers, there’s a little something for kayakers of every kind. The Golden State offers some of the best paddling in the country, and here are a few spots you cannot miss. La Jolla Sea Caves Off […]

With blistering heat in the summer and frigid temps in the winter capable of killing a man, Death Valley certainly lives up to its name. But hiking here is still one of the greatest treats the country has to offer. The incredible landscape is unlike anything you’ll find around the world. The best months to […]

Vermont is a state known for its incredibly stunning terrain. The mountainous vistas, rolling hills and beautiful valleys of the region provide some of the best views in the Northeast. Come winter, the landscape of the Green Mountain State tends to turn pretty white. That’s why it’s one of the best ski destinations in the […]

It’s no secret that Utah has some of the best ski slopes in the country; the region surrounding Salt Lake City brings in skiers from all over the globe every winter. However, head further south and you’ll find some pretty incredible powder that isn’t quite as packed down by snowboards and skis as the northern […]

Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley is arguably one of the most beautiful regions on the East Coast. An endless vista of rolling hills, valleys and mountain ranges, it offers sheer beauty and adventure just over an hour’s drive away from the nation’s capital. When winter comes, it also offers some of the best skiing in the South. […]